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Way back in 1983 I had an idea for turning Tunnels & Trolls into a superhero rpg. It was always inspired by the comics, so why not try to actually make a comic book game. This is the very first thing I wrote up for it.

T & T Variant Game Proposal for Super Heroes

I propose a full-length T & T variant to be equal in size to MSPE or WEB, to deal with the comic book world of superheroes.

The character generation system will be compatible with T & T and its variants. The combat system will be compatible with T & T, etc.

The tentative name for this game is POWER TRIP. I wish to reserve the right to be the principal writer and designer of such a game if Flying Buffalo should decide to produce it.

Super-powered beings would fall into 3 basic classes:

1. Mutants. Humans with super powers inherent in their bodies. This may take the form of enhanced attributes and/or bodily changes.

2. Self-made heroes. Humans with unusual scientific devices and/or training that give them greater-than-human abilities.

3. Outsiders. Beings that come not from the world of humanity at all. Aliens, beings from other dimensions, robots, beasts, etc.

Although a wide variety of super powers will be possible within the rules of the game, there will be no equivalent of Superman (Kal-El), the Hulk, the mighty Thor, or Doctor Strange–characters who all have apparently no limits to their capabilities.

Characters would be generated randomly as they are in T & T. Super powers would be granted whenever a triple was rolled for an attribute. (I have an elaborate scheme for this.) If no triples were rolled for any attributes, characters could still be super-powered by using either Gizmos, Quirks, or Advanced Training to gain their powers.

Character generation and combat are the heart of the game. The rest is just charts and dice, lists and advice. Both GM controlled scenarios and solitaire adventures could be written to use the POWER TRIP rules. The game could be finished before Christmas if the go-ahead was given soon. Before I start writing I would like a contract similar to the one I have for T & T.

–Ken St. Andre

I don’t know if I ever actually showed this to Rick Loomis at Flying Buffalo or not, but no contract was ever offered, and no version of Power Trip was ever produced for Flying Buffalo.

However, I do have the first 2 chapters of the proposed rulebook that I did back at that time. These later developed into the Power Trip game that Outlaw Press eventually published. I will begin putting that material online tomorrow.

(Sorry, there was no art for this material when I originally wrote it, and there is no art now.)

to be continued.


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